Sindy the doll we love to dress

Welcome to our Sindy Museum

Hello and welcome to Our Sindy Museum.

We launched this website on Monday 6th September 2010 to celebrate the "official" 47th birthday of Pedigree's most famous teenage doll, Sindy.

We decided to build an online reference site for her because as anyone who has ever collected the Pedigree Sindy doll knows, collecting Sindy can sometimes be very difficult. Pedigree made toys and probably didn't foresee that one day they would become collectors' items in their own right.

This means that the Sindy leaflets, brochures and trade catalogues are not always complete, correct or detailed enough for the serious collector. Fabrics and items were sometimes changed after the literature had been printed in order that the company could ship the product. This problem isn't just confined to Sindy; almost every toy collector can tell you a similar story.

It can therefore be very difficult to establish what the outfit or the accessory looked like, or what came with it. What we have tried to do therefore, is research each item very carefully. Wherever possible we have tried to describe it first hand from our own collections or from what our friends have told us about their collections.

It was a huge task just to get to where we are but over the next few months we hope to add additional galleries to cover the 1980s. We don't have everything and we won't always get it right, but the idea is that if we can work collaboratively, we can pool our knowledge and create a definitive (as far as it can be) Sindy reference site that can be used by everyone. So please bear with us. If you think we have got something wrong just let us know and we will put it right. The beauty of a website like this is that we can do it very quickly.

You will see throughout our website that there maybe odd gaps where we don't have something and if we are not certain of the facts we have said so. If you are able to provide any more information we'd love to hear from you. Your contribution will of course be acknowledged. We would also welcome any suggestions that you may have.

Even if you are not a collector yourself, but remember Sindy from your own childhood, please feel free to browse. The site is for everyone.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

With our very best wishes

Annie & Kathy